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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, the biggest fire we have seen in years. an apartment complex goes up in flames and collapses right before our eyes. new details. what happened just an hour before it started and we wanted to know who is this guy? the firefighter everyone says is tough as nails. >> good evening, i'm tim bsstida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. firefighters have been out here more than six hours. more than 150 responded and right now, they are still pouring water onto the hot spots. now, i want to show you exactly where the fire is.
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it is at fourth and china basin on the other side of mission creek from at&t park near the ucsf mission bay campus. let's go live to joe vasquez who has more. >> reporter: liz, we just got a briefing from the bat tullian chief. while it is not under control, it is not out of control either. they have water pouring from all over. they don't believe it will catch the other buildings in the area. the chief also tells us a firefighter was burned and is going to be okay. that is the only injury which is incredible considering how huge the fire was. flames shot 40 feet in the air. it was visible from all parts of the city and beyond. >> we are told the workers got off around 3:30 or 4:00. when we got on scene, it was not a big fire, but once it got
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going, it really took off. >> reporter: the chief says the building is likely a total loss. it was supposed to be a 360 unit apartment complex right in the middle of several other complexes along forth street. some of the surrounding buildings were also under construction. the biggest challenge for fight fighters, keeping it from catching to the other fires. >> that housing was threatened at one point. but we applied a water curtain to cool the nearby buildings. they are vulnerable. >> >> reporter: as you can see back here, the firefighters are in defensive mode. they are pouring water onto the flames and are also a considerable distance away as parts of the building have actually started to collapse. >> well into the evening as
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firefighters poured water on the structure, the twisted melted frame became more fragile. as for the firefighter was hurt, he has burns on his face he didn't report until hours into the job. >> he got transported to the hospital with burns on his face and hands. >> reporter: incredible determination on the part of that firefighter and the more a than 150 on the scene here. as for has caused the fire, an arson investigation is on the scene. the fire chief tells us they are looking into the possibility it has something to do with the construction taking place today. keep in mind, the construction workers took off well before the fire was even reported. >> thank you joe. let's take a look at the video from one of our viewers. this is from michelle who was
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there when the fire started. a few minutes later you can see how the flames were spreading across the building. 13 minutes later, this view from down the street shows how intense this fire really got. let's go to christin ayers. she spoke to folks who live and work in the area who were told to pack up and get out as soon as possible. christin? >> yeah liz, one of the apartment complexes that was evacuated remains evacuated. it is unlikely the tenants evacuate in that building that is just across from the fire building will go back to their homes tonight. the red cross has set up a staging area for them as firefighters try to put the hot spots out. >> reporter: this is the only home a few evacuees have. sydney got her dog, but had to
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leave her belongings behind. >> the winders were shattered. smoky, hot. >> reporter: the fire caused the billing scaffolding to rain down which meant that tent gnats wouldn't be able to reach their home for hours. >> they might not have access to their buildings. >> reporter: pierre leduke was watching directly across the street from his store when the fire broke out. it started small, but within moments. >> it was engulfed. >> reporter: the fire got so close, that leduke had to leave the store. >> i have no idea what was going on. they won't let me back in. last i heard was the window was blown up. >> reporter: this lady's
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building shut down the air- conditioning system to keep from fueling the flames. staying calm, and keeping watch. >> i'm going to have my shoes on and be ready to leave until i hear this thing is really out. i don't think i will be sleeping any time soon. >> reporter: earlier this evening, fire marshalls were out checking the ucsf mission bay campus nearby. the fire spread to the roof of that building and it had to be evacuated. as for the people who live at the strata, it is unclear when they will be back in their homes. one of the reasons is that the sprinkler system was actually set off by the heat from these flames in addition to being evacuated, they may come back to some water damage, liz, back to you. this video is from jake
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durette's window. you can see smoke and flames billowing before the firefighters got to work. speaking of the smoke, take a look at this. this is what it looks like next to the fire. entire neighborhoods enveloped with the choking black smoke. meteorologist brian hackney is telling us where the wind is coming from. >> the winds forecasting up to 50 miles an hour did not surface during the fire, but now, they are beginning to blow over the bay area. the location of the fire is inside mission day and down in mission creek. winds up to 25 miles an hour. you can see the fire. those northeasterlies are very dry and what you saw was $120
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million going up in smoke. >> now onto the man of the evening i should say. we watched the building burn down, but we saw a lot of this guy. a san francisco firefighter several stories up on the ladder face to face with the raging flames and smoke. now we track down the man who says he actually trained this firefighter to do exactly that. and he is not surprised that his five students took this inferno head on. he says it is in his dna. >> he is the type of firefighter that is hard nosed, tough. so tough. very ambitious, and wanting to always do what is necessary. >> it was incredible to watch.
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we got notes from twitter and the facebook page. some people offering to buy that guy a beer. he was quite the hero tonight. >> amazing as for his 147 fellow firefighters that were out there. this guy will be on the cover of every newspaper tomorrow and probably on every television station tonight. liz, good job out there. thanks to our crews as well. to give you some background on the property, this is the mission project. a development near at&t park. and ucsf mission bay. it was supposed to be hundreds of apartments plus retail space. bre properties broke ground on the project a little less than a year ago. tonight, bre issued a statement saying it don't know what started the fire.
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look how similar it looks. a huge complex still under construction when flames destroyed the businesses, the apartments t townhouses. it all went up. the man who fought the santana row fire says it is impossible to put out the fire like the one today or the one in 2002. >> a building like that is a like a big piling of kindling. they will have a hard time figuring out how it started. it was like that on santana road as well. it burned all day and all night and shoulders for a week or two aver wards. it is just going to go out when the fuel is gone. >> of course, we have some amazing video. amazing pictures from our crews on the ground, our crews in the air. we have much more of this video. you can see it. go to we have it all there. well a bay area police officer arrested for rape and tonight, the one part of his
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uniform the woman says he never took off. and tens of thousands of painkillers missing from a bay area pharmacy. tonight, a woman who worked there tells us how easy it was to dupe the system. and the story of that missing plane. just got stranger. now, the navy is trying something different to try to find it. we will show you how a creeping line works.
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while he was on the job. the >> well san jose police officer has been arrested and accused of an unthinkable crime that happened while he was on the job. the victim, a woman who called police for help.
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kpix5's betty yu with what prosecutors say happened next. betty? >> reporter: ken, we are talking about a man who has been with the san jose police department for eight years and prosecutors say instead of helping this woman, he ended uptaking advantage of her. he was supposed to escort a woman who fought with her husband to a hotel and get back in his patrol car. but jeff grays had other plans. >> 15 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. it was officer grays who entered the room and forcibly raped the victim in this case. >> reporter: court documents ahe pushed the woman onto the bed and took off parts of his uniform. but left on his bullet proof vest. physical evidence supports the woman's allegations. >> he cleared the call. his vehicle was at the location
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for an extra 39 minutes approximately. >> reporter: police say the night started with a routine disturbance call last september. the woman and her husband had been drinking and arguing but no crime had been committed. the won told police she wanted to stay at a hotel where she used to work as a maid. once she got to the room, she fell asleep, but not more long. >> if these allegations are proven to be true, the officer will be held accountable for his actions. >> reporter: in addition to one count of forcible rape, they are conducting an internal investigation. >> if it deed, he is guilty of something or determined to engage in this conduct, he has been weed out by the process. >> reporter: they called this a rare occurrence within the department and today, the san jose police chief said this was an isolated incident. the officer was released from jail after posting $100,000 bail. he remains on paid
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administrative leave and is due back in court in two weeks. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. little by little. new information is surfacing about the malaysia airline jet. they tripled the size of the search area. it is roughly the size of montana now. it is reported the plane may have been in the air longer than thought and far off course. >> reporter: the confusion deepened today when a malaysian newspaper quoted the air force chief saying the missing plane may have shifted course turning back across the peninsula and flying hundreds of miles over the strait of malacca. today, the search area was widened to include the waters west of malaysia. in beijing, the report has only stoked the frustration of family members still waiting
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for news since the plane vanished. on china's equivalent of twitter, they said what are they doing? it has been so long. investigators are ruling nothing out. >> hijacking, sabotage, technical problem ... >> reporter: a second u.s. navy ship joins the search effort flying helicopter surveys over the gulf of thailand. the u.s. ships are among two dozen from ten countries searching for the missing jet liner. in addition to searching ships, china is helping overhead. the government has repositioned up to 10 high resolution military satellites to help with the search. seth jones, cbs news, beijing. >> the ships are using what is known as a creeping line search
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to follow a precise pattern of parallel lines. if they find something, the search ask be expanded out ward. let's get you caught up on what is going on in the bay area. wind advisories posted and clear skies. it is 57 in concord and still 63 in livermore. boy, did we turn the corner big time on winter. wind alerts are posted. wind gusts, 50 miles an hour. with wind gusts high in the ridge tops, you could have downed power lines. the strong winds so far have not really made it down to the surface much. the brighter colors show you. there is not much in the way of winds but on the ridge tops on top of the hayward fault line, we have strong winds and right above santa rosa. so, the higher you go, the
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windier it gets. tomorrow morning, numbers will begin with readings in the low 50s . a lot of sunshine around for the bay area tomorrow. great visibilities. we have high pressure in concert with low pressure over nevada tonight. as the high pressure rebounds, it is that offshore push. it is a very dry direction. that is bad news for fires. only at the very peaks, temperatures continue to warm and the inland areas nudge 80 degrees by the weekend. forecast highs will be in the 70s . bay wide tomorrow. extended forecast, nothing but sun as far as the eye can see. by the time we get to the weekend, we will be looking at low 80s inland. so the heat is on in the bay area. intense flames and thick black smoke. it was a sight in san francisco few could believe. an entire apartment complex under construction up in flames right around 5:00 this afternoon. and this is what it looks like
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right now more than six hours later. firefighters are still pouring water on the areas still burning tonight. joe vasquez has an update. joe? >> reporter: liz, the wind is whipping up a little bit. it is almost chilly tonight. it was a much different story at the height of this fire earlier today. let me tell you, we are learning from the chief that the heat was so intense it busted out windows in the apartment complex across the street and the embers from the fire actually flew some two blocks away and started a separate fire there. the chief tells us the fire is still burning right now and is not yet officially under control. >> through the night, we anticipate going ahead and putting ample amounts of water that are still going as we speak. various areas of the entire block there, we still strong winds a lot of pockets of heat. we continue to have operations through the night. >> reporter: as we mentioned, people are still out of their homes tonight. they are still working to try
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and get them back, but it could be some time. bottom line here, the fire is not under control, but they have it surrounded. >> all right joe, thank you. and we will be right back. ,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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dollar fine because it doe't know what happened to tens thousands of painkillers. >> in other news tonight, cvs could get hit with a $20 million fine because it doesn't know what happened to tens of thousands of painkillers. all the drugs are missing from four california stores including one in fairfield. they suspect it was employing who made off with 37,000 pills and sold them on the black market. a former technician says it is not hard to do. >> it is definitely noticeable if you remove a bottle but you can always just take it and put nit a vial and remove it. >> prosecutors are waiting to hear back from cvs about the allegations. a little sports talk tonight. a big move for the 49ers. >> i love it.
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monta ellis comes to see an old friend. you won't believe who is coming to town. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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former offensive lineman jonathon martin who left the dolphins after being bullie players includin >> thumbing up for jim harbaugh and the 49ers. they made a trade for jonathan martin who left the team for getting bullied. they acquired martin from the dolphins for an additional draft pick. he says he can't wait to get to work at the niner empire. meanwhile, san francisco agreed to a four-year deal with probowl safety. the former colt will take the place of dante whitner who signed with the browns today. oakland picked up tackles rogers and howard and said good- bye to jerrod valder. and lamar houston is headed to the bears. jerry west won five nba titles
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combined as player and executive. so who better than to handicap tonight's gill against the mavericks? >> we have a big game tonight. this is probably the biggest we have played all year. >> monta ellis and themavericks. they held dallas. andrew bogut played 14 minutes on sunday, 30 minutes tonight. and how about that? from steph curry, 15 points, 10 rebounds. warriors win easily. they are 10/1 since the all- star break. no luck needed tonight for the sharks against the maple leafs. already up 3-1 in the second with jumbo joe feeding little joe. 400th point of his career. sharks beat toronto 6-2. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. eight days, 13 hours, he didn't
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know he ran the race. he probably was in second place. number four, when your boat fails, use your motorcycle. i'm not sure if evil kinevil knows if he scared the fish to canada. number three. lucas thought he gave up a goal, but the spin preserved the draw. number two, dad wanted the baseball so badly, he let his kid in the wagon do down. denver, south carolina, women's hoops. hunter. south dakota won. my favorite story, john nba martin coming to the 49ers. good story. and they gave a conditional pick. >> but he has the relationship with with harbaugh going back
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to stanford. >> it is a new beginning for the offensive line man. hopefully it pays off. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> live look from chopper 5 tonight. firefighters still sprays water on the hot spots and crews are expected to stay on the scene throughout the night. we will keep you updated online and on the air on
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>> thanks guys. they will pick it up at 4:30. have a great night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, like the ocean's tide, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) (


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